Why did I set up Peak District Survival School?

What are our aims and values?

Throughout my career as an outdoor education instructor, trainer and assessor I have become increasing aware that there are huge gaps in provision; outdoor education as its traditionally delivered excludes many groups and communities of people and there is little quality outdoor education on offer for those engaging through personal interest.

Some of our fondest school memories are those learning days and educational visits outside the classroom and as an adult time away from the pressures of working life and getting outdoors and feeling at one with nature is what many of us look forward too.

At Peak District Survival School, we are aiming to close the gaps in provision, by providing a continuum of provision that meets a wide range of needs.

We will be working in partnership with local businesses, school staff and establishments to offer affordable and accessible provision that is challenging, has structure and purpose and is fun.

We will enable teachers to become confident outdoor practitioners leaving a valuable learning legacy within the school that can be built on.

We will be working with adults, parents, carers and children of all ages and abilities to access activities in the outdoors with an informed, safe and conservation orientated mind.

We will deliver high quality safe an effective activities and accredited courses for young learners, professionals and for people who through personal interest are keen to learn new skill.