Wilderness Navigation 1 Day


The course is designed to enable people to identify compass direction using different indicators.

Over the course of the day you will learn how to identify the signs and indicators given by plants and trees to help us identify accurate direction in the wilderness environment.
Some plants not only have an ability to track the sun they can also lift and angle their leaves to face the sun. This enables them to maximise the UV rays they absorb during photosynthesis. This ability is called Heliotropism and we can use the Heliotropic effect to identify a direction North, South.

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As we are all aware plants don’t have the luxury of being mobile. They are under constant attack from animals feeding, weather and us as humans cutting them and moulding them to suite our needs. Plants react to the attacks from each in different ways. Trees grow in a wedge shape so the wind has less impact on their growth, when Holly is near the ground it will some times have more prickles around the leaf to protect the plant until it gains height out of reach. As trees and plants grow they will lift the branches on the shaded side of the tree so they to can absorb light. This is called the “tick effect” and many more. These are called Thigmomorphogenesis.

The course will also teach you navigation techniques using the sun, the moon and the stars and other useful tools we often carry on us every day.

To find out more detail about the course or to discuss if its the right course for you please contact us direct.