Try Caving


Price: Price starts at £155, please email to obtain a quote.

Dates: Please email or phone to arrange a date.

Why not come and try caving in a unscary, fun loving way in a cave or mine that suites your taste.

You’ll get to see some of the wonders of the earth and see how the planet has come to be the way it is.  We’ll give you some tasks/ challenges to complete if you desire the tight squeezes or something less strenuous.

Dates: 16th November 2019



You can walk in the footsteps of miners and see some of the relics left behind or gaze up into the avens that you’ll find in the Peak District.

If you want something more challenging just drop us a line and we’ll tailor a trip to suite you.

Whether you want a trip for beginners or a vertical trip to explore the upper reaches of a cave system the choice is up to you.

Dates: 16th November 2019