Essential Life Skills for Children and Adults


This course is designed specifically for 8-10yr olds as an after school club. It’s ‘hands’ and fun and runs for 5 consecutive weeks from 1700hrs – 1915hrs .  The last session will be assessment.

The course aims to connect young people practically with many of the current curriculum reading links including; Kensuk’s kingdom, the Magicians Boy and many more.

On a successful assessment each candidate will receive a Peak District Survival School Challenger Certificate.

£500 per course maximum group size 10

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Session 1 – Knife Skills

This sessions covers knife law and the safe use of cutting tools.  The dangers of knifes and saws and a practical session using knives and saws to make pot hangers, tent pegs and if time allows a woodland mallet.

Session 2 – Fire

This session covers everything you will need to know about fire, including what we need fire for and how to light a fire using a range of techniques including ‘fire by friction’.

Session 3 – Shelter

This session covers the basics of building shelters from the materials and habitat around us. You will get hands on experience in making a range of shelters including how to set up a simple tarp to building a debris shelter made from fallen wood within the forest.

During the session we will build 2 different types of shelter and study which we would choose given different situations.

Session 4 – Water

Water, we should consume 2 litres minimum per day.  Given that around the world people still have to walk miles for water and suffer the symptoms of dirty water after walking so far we feel  this session is under rated but critical for the wilderness traveller.

Session 5 – Assessment Week

The assessment!!  Each candidate will be asked to manufacture equipment as home assignments and bring them along for the final session in addition to demonstrating the knowledge learned over the last 4 weeks.