The Survival School Summer Family Bushcraft Course


  • Course: Survival School Family Bushcraft Cours
  • Venue:Peak District, Near Leek or Cannock Chase
  • Times:7pm on the Friday – midday on the Sunday
  • Ages:All ages above 6 years welcome

The Aim of this course is to give families the chance to learn bushcraft, survival and wilderness living skills in a family environment.  You will learn the skills needed to survive and thrive in the wilderness and woodlands.

£100 per person 

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You will learn the skills and techniques to light fires, identify edible plants, build shelters, make traps and snares, prepare rabbit, fish and birds and use knives and saws safely and efficiently.  This course is available to any family group, whether it be father and son, father and daughter, mother and son, mother and daughter, parents and children and any other combination you can think of.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME!  This is a ‘hands on’ course. The instructors will explain and demonstrate but you will get the opportunity to have a go at everything!

Friday’s Itinerary:

  • 7:00pmSafety Brief
  • 7:30pmSafe Cutting Techniques for knives, folding saws and bow saws.  Make Camp (light fires, put up tarps)
  • 8:00pmMake wooden pegs and put up tarp shelters.
  • 8:30pmGame Preparation (pigeon), cook evening meal and eat.

Saturday’s Itinerary

  • 7:30amBreakfast
  • 8:30amCutting Techniques (making pot hangers, mallets and more advanced woodwork)
  • 9:00amShelter Building (the shelters you make in this session will be the shelters you’ll sleep in on the Saturday night)
  • 12:00pmTrout preparation – lunch
  • 2:00pmRabbit Preparation (this is your evening meal which will be simmering for a few hours to make it the most tender meat you’ll taste.  Delicious!)
  • 3:00pmFire Lighting.  This session is a favourite and includes natural and manmade tinder, fire lays, fire lighting techniques and friction fire lighting.
  • 5:00pmTraps and Snares.  Covering legalities and different sorts of traps and snares.
  • 6:00pm Finish pot hangers, mallets and pegs.
  • 7:00pmEvening meal and a chance to chill out after a very busy day.
  • 9:00pm Night tracking and  stalking games

Sunday’s Itinerary

  • 7:30amBreakfast
  • 8:30amPack kit and break camp
  • 9:00amKnife Law and Knife Sharpening
  • 10:00am Learning to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, tree ID and tree uses.
  • 12:00pmAll good things must come to an end and the course departs.

The skills and techniques you need to live in the wilderness are expertly demonstrated and explained so that you can master them before leaving the course. You need have no knowledge of survival skills to attend this course. This is learning through experience at its best.  Most people come on this course as individuals or pairs.

If you have a large group, please contact us for your own weekend.