Price: Price starts at £155, please email to obtain a quote.

Dates: Call or email to arrange a course to suite your requirements.

This course will get you to a level where you can shoot with our club and practice at any of our club sessions. We’ll also give you a course completion certificate but do check that this is sufficient if you’re planning to use it to shoot with a different club.

You can apply for Archery GB affiliation following this course as long as you join the club as a member and shoot with us a few times so that we can get to know you!



This is a structured course offering cumulative learning. We aim to end up shooting at about 18 yards (the full senior indoor distance is 20 yards) safely and accurately.

The weekend course is structured in a very similar way to our Fast Track courses so its quite fast moving. The whole course is completed using a sight – Olympic style shooting.

The course covers safety, etiquette, shooting with a sight, basic equipment knowledge, scoring and competitive archery.

Can I do this?

You’re fairly confident / sporty or you’ve done a Have a Go at archery. This is the right course if you want to join the club and start practicing as quickly as possible. The sessions are generally social and relaxed.

At the end of the course we hope that you will register as a club member and begin to use the range independently.